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The old Troy Lumber Company @ the corner of W. Market and Market (where the new Walgreen's is now). Ordering's is behind the Lumber Co.. Never knew there was an underpass on 25-A to the left of the Lumber Co.. Interesting.

To the right of Ording's is the location of the original Kroger in Troy. Shared a building with SuperX drug store.
Underpass would flood terribly with a moderate rain.

The underpass was for the New York Central Railroad (earlier the IB&W, P&E, etc. and ran along westerly across Peters Pike in the Archer Drive area to Ludlow Falls and into Indiana. The roadway used to be for the traction line that ran into downtown Troy and the Square. The Dixie Highway, in those early days came up Union Street. And yes, it flooded whenever heavy rains were encountered.

Yep ! Picked berries all along the tracks out to Goodrich ! Saw a few trucks get stuck in the overpass ! There was the radiator shop then the car was added across from Ordings',a place for penny candy ,kites
and the first pizza joint in Troy !. The walkway from Peters Rd to Krogers was a heavily traveled short cut to Haywood ball field and Dick's Sohio !!

Bought Soap Derby supplies form Troy lumber!
I liked the free span low roof. Very modern for its time.
In the '70's I could ride my stingray back and forth!
One year.... I bought a 3" hickory floor board and it was like trying to cut concrete!

I was a Junior/Senior in college and played golf at Troy Country club, so I drove by that corner a lot. Later, we would go to Ordings for Pizza on Saturday nights. I only remember it that way.

I worked at Ordings in the early 70's and watched a truck hit the 12'9" clearance at 35 mph. Shook the whole store.

I worked at Troy Lumber from 1979 to 1986 Had a lot of fun there and made a lot of friends there as well. We use to walk up and over the tracks for lunch at Ordings.

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