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Photo 108-MMI-9


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This was the old junk yard that my husband always talked about where he and his dad would go for car parts to fix up their cars themselves! Every time we drive past the field out behind the building where the junk cars use to sit and now is an empty field beside the new street that goes back to The new Menards he talks about it!

So much

My hubby and I walked through this junk yard many many times ! Some of our dates consisted of trudging through for car parts for his Ford !

This was the Dixie Wrecking Company owned by Rol Vocke. I believe he lived next door. It was quite an amazing place and just what you would have expected from a junkyard in that era. The property was eventually purchased by Paul Lee, who cleaned up the property and turned the building in to the immaculate auto repair shop it is today.

Remember the junkyard. Now Lee's Garage. Been by this place a few times.

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