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  • All the barns in this photo are gone. The last barn to be torn down was the bank barn around 2011.
  • Been by this place too many times. The big barn & the other barns behind it are all gone so is the circle drive around the big barn. There is a new
  • Bank barn and house still remain but all the other barns are gone. A metal pole barn has been added to the right of the house.
  • to the right of the silo are gone as well as the crib to the left of the silo. The area behind the silo became a nice grassy area surrounded by trees
  • (left of the house) and the trees to the right of the house are all gone but one. The house is now run down and the current owner put a privacy
  • These are the eggs barns associated with the store in Photo 36. All of the barns are gone except the egg barn in the center of the photo and the store. The egg store has been turn into a private residence.
  • Barn has been torn down and three smaller pole barns have been built in it's place. All the trees along the drive way are gone also.
  • Go by this place too many times. Garby place is now the Upper Valley Career Center. Barns are gone. The side road is now a cul-de-sac. Moved the road (straighten) the road out to meet as a stop light crossing. Troy-Sidney & US 36.
  • Another view of the farm from image 7. All the barns across the road are gone and teh back portion of the house has been torn down.
  • Photo 6 & 7 are the same place just different views. Trees around the place are gone, now. N. Union Shelby Rd.

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