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  • I grew up there in that house. The barns are now gone and I also think the dish is gone out of the yard.
  • This is the old Parson's farm. My husband and I own the house now. Little has changed. The sheep barn across the road is gone and the small
  • building at the end of the driveway is gone. The Parsons added a nice small porch on the front before we bought it also. Wonderful old farm house!
  • I grew up in this house. It's now gone and my parents built a new house right in front of this old house. They also tore down the barn and built a garage right across from it.
  • of Meigs, Ohio. It is ALL gone now. With the possible exception of the ruins of our Eleanor Roosevelt Outhouse, nothing there but trees and underbrush.
  • building where the campers are located. The fence between the buildings is gone. A black bear is now in between the buildings in her big pen which has
  • dens and everything in it. The porch of the store is built in and there is a roof in front of the wooden doors on left of the store. the pond in the grass is gone and there is now a homemade made tractor(just for looks thing)
  • is changed. Small building across from the house is now gone. There is a pond put in the field behind the house for a water source for cattle.
  • My home. I still own this farm, and my mother lives in the house. Been in my family for five generations. I am now restoring that big red barn. I wish that stupid trailer in the top of the photo was gone.
  • rails and barb wire between. The two buildings by the house are still there, but the other one is gone. You can see where the building was with a few

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