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  • R. C. Miller Memorials
  • This has been my home since January 1973. Our house was built in the fall of 1972. Precious memories!
  • At least until I was 8 but the best memories there sure miss beloved Morgan County!
  • This is where I grew up at with 5 brother and 2 sister, so many beautiful memories.
  • that my grandpa built to hold family events, we call it Grandpa's Dog House. My parents bought the land across street and built a home on that land. And two of my Aunts live next door. Awesome memories!
  • Seeing this picture brings back many happy memories. I think it was 1950 when we moved here from Oakfield, Ohio. We used to sleigh ride starting
  • mines. It was broken down and sold for scrap in 1999. However, at least one part of The Big Muskie survived. The enormous bucket was moved to Miner's Memorial Park just outside of Mcconnelvile Ohio on state Rt 78.

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