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This is the Ashton Inn

Me & my partner own this bar now :) it's crazy to think the bar was there before I was even born ..

My Dad, Moses Tonnous, originally owned this tavern.

I think Ray Crocks parents is who Moses and Glenna Tonnous purchased it from. It was a 1 room school before that. Eddie Rourig and wife bought it from Mom after dad died. Danny Archer and wife owned it then a Salng. I think we owned it the longest time frame.

Your right Veronica, Linus and Clara Crock , my great aunt and uncle , had it before your Dad. When I was little it was just referred to as Moses's.

The building use to be further up the hill when it was a school. So I was told anyway. An addition with indoor restrooms was built by me. It looks alot different now. I believe that was in 2004.

I looked at a 1903 USGS map and 1876 Olive Township map; the 1876 map shows a schoolhouse right next to the road very close to where the Inn is now and the 1903 USGS map show an occupied building at that same spot...

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