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012 rno 19
The home of Dwight and Mary Snodgrass. Many great memories here!!
002 nno 10
oh the memories
005 nno 10
My grandparents home.many good memories here.
016 rno 12
Floyd and Clara Hendershot's place. My grandparents. Many memories made on this farm
008 nno 08
My grandparents' place! It definitely looks different now. Fond memories of spending a week there in the summers.
008 nno 01
Yea we all kinda grew up here this is My Uncle Bill and Aunt Linda Franklins place, oh the memories that we have on this farm
034 rno 18
My grandma and grandpa Linton lived here for years. Many great memories of Christmas family and fun times here.
Wow!!!!! So many memories were made there!! My grandparents raised their family on this farm!!!
fond memories with my grandparents and family. Good trip down memory lane. Thank you for sharing Aunt Beth.
025 nno 10
Grandma Mae Gardner house. I had many memories made here.
My great grandmothers home. Where I spent Thanksgivings as a child. Loved the hiking and exploring all the land around the house. Great memories.
006 nno 35
This is my Grandparents farm. I spent a couple of weeks every summer as a child there. I have very fond and happy memories. ☺️
018 nno 07
My grandparents farm, Carl & Juanita Leonhardt. They have since passed and the place was sold. Wonderful childhood memories of this place!

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