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I grew up there! Many days playing in the double haymows, and shooting birds in that old rickety barn till it burnt down a few years after this pic. Loved to lay in a secret place in the beams just under the east mow, and enjoy summer thunderstorms. Great memories there and in the woods far behind, down the lane.

Sounds like a very fun place to grow up, so many of these old barns are gone now we are very happy to have preserved a record of them. What did your family farm here? If you know the current address I would love to geotag this photo with the correct location.

When I was real young Dad had 12-14 dairy cows. My brother and I had raised rabbits and had a couple pet sheep. We raised corn, soybeans, and wheat. Mom had a big garden right behind the big barn where there was plenty of natural fertilizer! It is located at 10361 Rd. 180 Paulding, Oh.

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