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Whirlpool Park, CR 181 (Shaw rd) at CR 187, Green Creek Twp Sandusky Co OH

Had our family reunions here for years.

Was a lifeguard their for three years.

My grandpa spent 4 years building Whirlpool park he's the last surviving of the 5.

I use to go to this park just about everyday during the summer.
(Late 70's - Early 80's)
I think it closed due to the chemical dumping Whirlpool was doing just yards upstream from the water source used to fill the pool. Lots of kids got cancer as a result that they refused to acknowledge was their fault.

Not true with kids getting cancer.. It was no longer in Whirlpool corps budget of over $100 thousand a year to keep it going .. Most employees families quit going and it was voted down.. Towards the end of it days it never opened until at least the 2 week in June and closed 3rd week in August .. Whirlpool corp just shut it down .. They sold it later and then it was discovered that in the mid to late 50s that it was used as a dumping place for toxins.. But that happens all over the country by different companies back in the day ..

I dont think 100 thousand. That stretches it.

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