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  • B.C. Derrington residence. The barn is gone.
  • are good memories. It's sad to see that it's gone now. Not many drive-ins exist anymore. I love this photo! Thanks for memories.
  • Alot has changed to this picture the elevator is gone. Before it was tore down there was two bins added to the north side and the warehouse was tore down.
  • both silos are gone and the two barns in the upper left hand of photo are gone also. old house is gone new one put up in front yard
  • the barns in photo are all gone and have been replaced with new.
  • All is gone now, mostly due t ok fires. So sad. I grew up here. So many good memories, as well as sad ones. Still, this was, and always will be home. ❤❤
  • Looking West Section 22 Jackson Township gone
  • This was my house growing up. It burnt down in 1983 or 84 and we rebuilt. The new house is still there but those big glorious willow trees are gone.
  • Yes Richard HAAR and RUTH HAAR lived here I stayed there a lot Robert Rebecca Roger Robin and RANDALL Many happy days spent here Precious memories A lot has changed family gone Some building missing
  • Looking SW Martin on barn barn gone CR 45/Sand Rd south of CR 49/Bell Rd Bradner OH Section 6 Scott Township

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