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102 esa 19
  • B.C. Derrington residence. The barn is gone.
045 ksa 15
  • are good memories. It's sad to see that it's gone now. Not many drive-ins exist anymore. I love this photo! Thanks for memories.
099 esa 35
  • Alot has changed to this picture the elevator is gone. Before it was tore down there was two bins added to the north side and the warehouse was tore down.
053 psa 06
  • both silos are gone and the two barns in the upper left hand of photo are gone also. old house is gone new one put up in front yard
043 esa 36
  • the barns in photo are all gone and have been replaced with new.
061 psa 17
  • All is gone now, mostly due t ok fires. So sad. I grew up here. So many good memories, as well as sad ones. Still, this was, and always will be home. ❤❤
058 rsa 02
  • This was my house growing up. It burnt down in 1983 or 84 and we rebuilt. The new house is still there but those big glorious willow trees are gone.
008 ksa 07
  • Yes Richard HAAR and RUTH HAAR lived here I stayed there a lot Robert Rebecca Roger Robin and RANDALL Many happy days spent here Precious memories A lot has changed family gone Some building missing
098 csa 20
  • A lot has changed at this Location! 5 building are gone, 3 different outbuilding erected and grain system has expanded. House built in 1886, last update 1993. Currently occupied opportunity grain farm.
051 msa 14
  • , all original buildings are gone except the house and large white barn. It now has horses.

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