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  • Robert & Lucille Hammer farm
  • This is the farm where I grew up...
  • Robert Sigler Farm. Son's John & Wayne still farm the land.
  • 1969 Tiell Family Farm 1920's Raymond LaFontaine family farm
  • This was my grandfather Vincent fries Farm and then his son Bob fries farm
  • This is my husbands family farm. We now own it
  • My parents farm - Strausbaugh residence.
  • This is my grandparents farm Dean and Cheryl Strausbaugh.
  • Grandparent's farm (Richard Seifert)
  • this was my grampa's farm now it's our farm. hope it will always stay in the family.
  • Erle Davidson Farm from the east side.
  • This was my Uncle's farm , Vincent Steinmetz. The farm house was torn down and a new house built.

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