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  • Its my grandparents farm!!! I saw it lots of times riding my bike to visit! Still make it there just not nearly as often. Still in family, now one of the sons live there.
  • The farm implements lot in the back is gone however the gas station, restaurant and quonset hut garage are still there.
  • Alot of the buildings have been torn down. No more farming done. Or cows milked. School not used anymore. No more children home now facilities used for disability ppl. And troubled people. Sad.
  • This is the farm I grew up on, 1947 to 2000. Barn has been torn down in this picture as well as the equipment shed and 2 graineries. In 2006 we
  • sold the farm to the Tiffin Vocational Ag School and I know they tore the house down. Would love to get a copy of this photo.
  • Evan Wertz Farm St Rt 635 Tiffin, Ohio (north of Bascom, Ohio)
  • Built in 1825 on township road 172. Neighbors to my great grandparents’ farm.
  • Wendell Wertz Farm St Rt 635 Tiffin, Ohio (north of Bascom, Ohio)
  • Erle Davidson, Erle was born in the house, farm. House & barn still standing. All small out buildings, even the outhouse, have been removed since 1985. Now known as Heritage Acres, John & Virginia Sigler.
  • Rear of Wendell Wertz Farm St Rt 635 Tiffin, Ohio (north of Bascom, Ohio)
  • This is the farm home my step children grew up in. My son owns it now. We are considering what would be our best cost option to get a digital print but without a frame. Thanks

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