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Photo 3-EVI-9


This is Old Swan School on Rt 93 (was Rt 75 at time I went there) in Swan Township, Vinton County, OH. I have some really fond memories of going there..My brothers and I walked from the Lee Place past Bray's to school......times were simple and cares were few. Teachers were: Mr. Felton, Miss Scott, Mrs. Pettit. Ball games, marbles, jacks, jumping rope, Red Rover, and Olley, Olley Over where we threw the ball over the roof of the garage (the building to the left of the school).

The 'garage' to the left of the picture was actually a horse barn where kids riding to school tied their horses while in school. When the horseless carriages became more popular the barn was transposed to a garage. My Dad actually graduated from this school twice. This started as a 10 year school and went to an 11 year school before consolidation with McArthur. Dad attended the first 11 year class to graduate the second time.

love this old school It is available to rent out for events or even yard sales is what a lot of people do anymore

My grandparents met here.

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