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  • Worthy of note is the really old gas station in the lower right..
  • Gulf gas station on Colubia RD,Kings mill, razed, now a fire house on the property.
  • Bob Hill ran the filling station and may have had it built originally. Also believe Joe Shurts (daughter Judy} ran the store before Ralph.
  • I grew up in the house to the right of the station. It's been gone e few years.
  • This corner now has a modern gas station and convenience store however the small building/house on the right is still there.
  • Mobil station at the corner of State Rte's 122 & 741
  • This is on OH-63 at I-75; the gas station is gone and the lot where it was is vacant. The the hotel behind it is also gone and there is now a Dunkin Donuts to the right of this scene.
  • Is this the gas station and hotel across from the warren county fair grounds?
  • The Gas Station Is Now The Site Of Both The Popeyes And The Dunkin Donuts. The Popeyes Was Recently Built.
  • OH-63 just east of I-75 near Monroe. There is now a Dunkin Donuts where the gas station was.
  • This Gas Station Is Actually Now Another Vacant Lot. The Waffle House Is Next To The Vacant Lot That Used To Be This Gas Station. The Tim Hortons Is Actually Next To The Waffle House.
  • Texaco gas station,off Rt.48.South Lebanon. If you look close you can see part of the Kash Amburgy Bargin Barn sign.
  • Prior to the service station there were two houses on the property that housed the Steve Kibbey and "Happy" Wise families.
  • 940 W Central Ave. The gas station is an abandoned SOHIO but was still standing, hidden by brush, on the northeast corner of I-75 and OH-73 as of July 2018.
  • SW corner of OH-63 at I-75. The small building in the back is still there but looks vacant and the gas station has been leveled.
  • . The property was sold, the building razed, and a late 20th century gas station with convenience store and car wash was built. I'm also a 'mid-century modern
  • 6900 Route 123. This mid-century modern service station, with maybe two full-service pumps and a mechanics bay was still in use until 1996
  • Just west of I-75 on OH-123. This is where the current Sunoco Station is.
  • 6205 OH-122. The abandoned station was still standing in 2008: https://www.wcauditor.org/property_search/enlargePhoto.aspx?account_nbr=2301149
  • &docid=89883607 It was razed shortly after. As observed, the station (which straddled the culverts at Dick's Creek), sat on the current I-75 ramp
  • The gas station is gone and the exit ramp from Northbound 75 is there now. That station set over Dick's creek and Kettering Middletown is up on the hill behind it now...

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