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046 dad 25

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Is this price correct?! $150 for a little 12x18?

Yes. They do have some cheaper options though and they have a point system to help with lowering the price.

That's crazy. Maybe I'll just paint an old looking picture of my house instead.

You can get a 8"×12" Proof Print with Logo for $29

Check out this section. It will show you how to make your price cheaper.

It's cool, I'll pass. That mark-up is beyond astronomical.

Hi Joseph, I'm Lance and I work here at Vintage Aerial. I just wanted to chime in and add what I'd consider a missing piece of information as it relates to our prices. In order to determine mark-up, one needs to know the costs. Digitizing and archiving a collection of millions of images adds a substantial cost to the products we offer. The margins that we do maintain are completely reinvested into our operations. Despite the costs, we've been able to connect thousands (maybe millions) of people with special photographs of their past, whether they've placed an order with us or not – and that's our mission.

Right on. I'm happy so many people have reconnected with images of the past. Keep up the good work!

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