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Rural Valley, PA. The school at left was the elementary school and has been demolished. The long narrow school toward the center is the former high school, and in 2018 is now the elementary school. Behind the former high school, approx. where the oval shape is, was The Grove, picnic grove for Rural Valley (currently the athletic field.) The street running left-right in the foreground is W. Main Street. Cowanshannock Ave. intersects Main St. over at the far right. The big brick foursquare house(521 W Main St, Rural Valley, PA 16249) on the corner of Main and Cowanshannock was the home of my aunt & uncle, Dee (Dickey) and Cal Klinginsmith. Klinginsmith had a Dodge dealership on that property and in the big garage behind it at Cowanshannock and W. School St. Cal died young, and Dee later married R.G. "Spike" Mowrey from Dayton, PA, and they lived in that Rural Valley house for many years. I recall many large family gatherings at that house. It was originally a hotel. It's now a nursing home. There was and still may be a hardware store across Main from it.

At the far right, on the other corner of Main and Cowanshannock, is a bank building. That site used to have a very large early 1900s 2-storey school on it until probably some time in the early '70s. The playground was located along Cowanshannock, behind the school. across W. School St. We country kids made a beeline for that playground whenever we visited the Mowreys. We rode our bicycles around the alleys and around the back of the then high school, too.
My mother said there was an earlier small (wooden?) school building on School St. and it was used for the early elementary grades when she was a kid. Everyone walked home for lunch and then back to school again.

The school at the left has the high school..

WAS the high school...

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