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The store was a Clover Farm Store and Darrell Myers lived in that house. House still there and only the back addition to the store remains...owned now by Darrin Myers WaterwellDrilling Co.

Located on the old State Route 854 (now Huckleberry Ridge) in Piney Twp. Neuland Myers owned it in the 1940's, when school children would walk from the one-room Mast schoolhouse to the store during lunch break. Later owned by Alfred & Jane Bartley, Clyde & Esther Myers, Clair & Greta Kitchen. It housed a small Clover Farm grocery store, service garage, fuel, and served as a local bus stop for neighborhood children.

That was still my bus stop all through school when I went to Union. We spent a lot of winter mornings using that building as our windbreak while waiting for Bus 11 to come down the hill.

waited in this store for bus 11 in elementary school bus 6 for high school. many years at one the big windows watching for the bus to come down the hill. the penny candy counter and a nickel pinball machine, Hand-dipped ice cream.

If anyone is quite old on here-My Grandmother was Pearl Myers and my uncle was Jacob (Jake) Myers. We owned the farm in Belltown and walked to that store many times. We also picked elderberries and sold them at this store. Now live in Arizona and think of Belltown and the area often!

I remember going to that store for ice cream!

During the summer, Dawna and Starr Summerville and my brother and I would sometimes walk to Piney Creek to go swimming. It was a long hilly walk from where we lived and we’d stop at the store for a drink.

My mom, Joan Peters, recalled riding her bike down that hill when she was a kid and her brakes failed. She’d always point out the spot where she came to a stop. That’s a steep hill!

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