This is C&K Coal Co.'s W2000 dragline built by Rapier from England.

I grew up in the area and I remember when the crew from England came to build that machine and I remember marveling over it watching it operated night I had uncle that worked at C&K Coal Company teacher. As a local contractor my father did a lot of work for Pete Cherniky. He was the C of C&K Coal Company

My dad worked for C&K He was the first person to operate the new 7400 Marion dragline. Total electric Pete Cherniky ask him to be the first. My dad name was Charley Simpson. And retired from there at 65 years old. Pete was a very nice person.

I would love to see this old machine. Would anyone know the location of it?

In 1979, I worked on the crew constructing this dragline. It was a Bucyrus Erie electric walking drag that had a 360 boom and a 45 cubic yard bucket.

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