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Building in lower left corner is an old general store, later the Curllsville Post Office.

My family owned the store from late 40's through 2018 (aprox.) The store was bought by my father James Oliver Best. After serving in WWII he worked a bit in the mines but after seeing some miners come close to death in cave ins he bought the store. He was postmaster at the small post office located in the rear of the building. He died in 1956 at age 37. My mother Martha, took over the store and the postmaster position until she and my stepfather John W. Elliott closed the store in the late 80's I believe. The post office is still open to this day. (2022)
The small building to the right of the store was Dr. Woods office. He was a Dr. in the town I'm guessing early 1900's. The building in the back right is now a garage. You can tell the old part from the new metal part. That building was a mechanics building that sold gasoline. I'm guessing it was built just after the automobile was gaining popularity. You can see the concrete pad that the gas pump sat on.

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