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  • This is another view of the original Strock homestead farm, currently owned by Donald L. Strock. Several changes have been made since 1970
  • This farm is located on East Old York Road near Spring Meadows Park. It was owned in the 1950's to the early 2000's by the Earl Wood Family.
  • Off Cramer Road on the end closest to 81. This view is looking West. The lane extends to Cramer Road. This is the same farm as slide 5.
  • This farm is on the southeast corner of Creek Road and Old Mill Road between Newville and Carlisle.
  • I believe that this farm is off the east side of Goodhart Road, north of Route 81. The view is looking southeast.
  • of the picture. Route 11 runs in from of the church and the farm house, slightly out of the picture to the right.
  • This farm is on McCullough Rd., north of 81, northeast of Walnut Bottom, PA.
  • evergreen to the left of the shrubs is now very tall. The farm house is now shuttered. Both long barns have been removed. There are now 2 silos
  • I believe this farm is set back Thorny Grove Lane, south of Mainsville Road. View is looking south. There is also a Thorny Grove Road nearby.
  • I think this farm is on the jog of Piper Road. I believe the barn has been removed and another rebuilt and the house has had extensive renovations.

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