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  • This was my Aunt's farm. I also lived here for a while. The barn burned down many years ago...sad day! Sweet memories...
  • This farm is on the south side of Airport Road, just east of Rt. 18, Shippensburg, PA. It is still an operating farm.
  • I believe this house is on the northwest corner of the intersection of Walnut Bottom Road and Kline/Strohm Road. The property is no longer a farm
  • This farm was on the north side of Walnut Bottom Road, across from JLG Industries. The property was sold; the house burned for practice in late 2019, early 2020. The property is now clear of buildings.
  • This farm was on the south side of Walnut Bottom Road, just east of the Sunoco station near Rt. 81. It has been replaced with a warehouse.
  • This is the John Cohick farm on Petersburg Road. The buildings have all been torn down.
  • This appears to be the farm at the end of Mooney Road, off of Stoughstown Road, which is to the west in this picture. There appears to be a guardrail of Route 81 in the front left corner.
  • This farm is on the north side of Walnut Bottom Road at the east end of Lees Crossroads. The view is looking north. Some of the big trees are still standing.
  • Along Cramer Road, east of Shippensburg, PA. I think the farm is currently for sale.
  • This farm is on the north side of Mooney Road, east of Stoughstown Road. The site of the Hillside Country Store.

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