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My mom was their bookkeeper for years. My sister & I worked there too.

Davis Market Dry Tavern. Giant Eagle there now.

Davis's had a downstairs section, where you could buy any household item you may have needed. Loved that store.

We always shopped there!

Still call it davis' s. Even tho its giant eagle.

I remember Mr. and Mrs. Tiberi and the rocket in the front of the store. Also the stamper that they would mark the price on things with. The good old days....

Bagged a lot of groceries at that place.


I remember the old TUBE Tester machine where you would plug the old tv and radio tubes in to see if they where good lol .

I remember Saturday afternoon grocery shopping with my mom. She would get me a couple of the delicious pepperoni rolls from the bakery and a pop and I would hang out at the magazine rack behind Mr. Teaberry's office and read all the comics I wanted. No one would shush me away even though I would rarely buy one. If I got bored or mom was checking out I would shift to the front of the store and play a nickel or two in the old Kicker game machine or if mom had some change we'd go downstairs to the candy counter. Some of my fondest memories of being a kid growing up back then.

This market was small but they sure crammed a ton of stuff in there. The downstairs was a Ben Franklin craft store that used to hold classes on how to make stuff like eucalyptus bouquets for your house or silkscreen sweatshirts. They had a weekly raffle drawing my granddad would enter every week. The movie rental display was right next to the entrance. The bakery had the best pepperoni rolls I’ve ever had, and thank god the newer Giant Eagle kept their recipe! It’s the only reason I go back to Dry Tavern from Texas!

Does anyone remember my father Albert Davis. He owed the store for many many years and I worked At the cash register or wherever else I was needed. Everyone liked my father and he was very charitable to the Boy Scouts. He lived until he was ninety and now I am his 82 year old daughter. Great memories of valued employeesπŸ˜€

Marlene Davis: Not only do I remember your father (Albert), I remember you! I also remember your mother, Marvin and Richard. Your father was kind enough to hire me twice! After graduating high school (1956) and before I entered the Navy I worked at the store. Then after my time in the Navy he hired me again. The money I made there enabled me to go to college. Your father called me "Petey". I often would stay after the store closed at night to help him make up the order. We would walk the aisles and he would call out what was needed and I would write it down. I stocked shelves, bagged groceries, and even ran the register when needed. Your father and Uncle Julius were good folks with which to work. I have many fond memories of my times there. I worked with some fantastic people who I remember dearly and our customers were the greatest!

I just discovered this page, my grandparents were the original owners. Julius and Evelyn Davis. I have so many fond memories spending time there, especially the downstairs. On our birthdays my Grandpa would let us fill a shopping cart with anything we wanted. They were wonderful people. I loved finding this photo.

My Uncle Albert and my Grandpa Julius were brothers. Marlene good to see you here I am Lorraine’s daughter.

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