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This is route 6-11 in dalton trovato’s meat market

Not sure about the given location as Dalton, but this sure looks like the Darling's Meat Locker at La Plume I was familiar with as a youth in the 1960's. I lived in Factoryville for almost 6 years in the 1960's, and my step-father took a giant 10-point buck to Darlings for butchering & packaging. Darling's was in fact on Route 6-11, and the road directly in back of the locker which kinda' parallels 6-11 would lead to the Keystone College and Factoryville, if I'm correct.

This is the Historic Creamery that served the Delaware Lackawanna and Western until the 1910's when the alignment moved. Rt 6 & 11 now runs on the old DL&W alignment - the 4-lanes you see in the foreground. It also was on the Northern Electric trolley alignment just up the hill until 1935 or so..

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the great info on this photo, I have verified the location!

Whatever the building once served as, or is now serving, this building is for sure at the location I wrote about (La Plume), and in the 1960's was a meat locker/store. I've used Google Earth to view this exact location and the roads match-up perfectly. That road directly behind the bldg that roughly parallels 6/11 goes directly to Keystone College, which sits at the east end of Factoryville. And about a half-mile from this building was a wonderful, deep pool in the adjacent creek where me and my friends swam on hot summer days (when we weren't at Little Rocky Glen). What a wonderful, memory-inducing picture of a place I once cherished.

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