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  • This was my grandfathers gas station, Francis Higgins
  • Arco Gas Station now l believe it's the Newer First National Bank
  • A Falcon gas station, 2443 South Hermitage Road, Pennsylvania Route 18, Hermitage, Pennsylvania. Located in the SE corner of Longview and Hermitage (N-S/L-R along bottom of photo) Roads. View is looking east.
  • Former American/Amoco Gas Station
  • Used to be a Boron service station?
  • Gas station along PA318. Closed and in disrepair.
  • This building is gone and is now Anchors Away gas station.
  • McQuiston's gas station. Now a tanning salon.
  • Marathon? gas station at I-79 and Rt. 258 interchange Location pinned.
  • Gas station on corner is now a repair shop. Large white building behind Esso Station is gone.
  • across the street and you can see that sign shows gas selling at .95 a gallon. In the early 1920s when that Pennzoil station was built, along
  • The entrance from E.State St. is closed, the three islands were taken out along with the gas pumps and Rt. 18 has been made a four lane highway
  • with a turning lane in the middle. The building it self has not changed outside nor inside. When this picture was taken, there was a Pennzoil station
  • Texaco gas station, Lamont's corners, SW corner of Rt 18 and Lamor. The Dollar General is on this site now. Chuck Neal's Arco station
  • was diagonally opposite this on the NE corner. Chuck Neal also ran this station at one time. The road is Lamor Road and that's D'Onofrio's parking lot across the road.
  • What I knew as Novosel's Garage when I was in high school. Bought gas here when driving to and from school. Gas station building is gone. Smaller building on left edge of picture now has a gable roof on it. Still there.

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