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087 lmo 11
  • Mack farm on Old Morris Road
001 amo 09
  • Freddy's Farm on Sumneytown Pk.
027 lmo 15
  • all gone but house ground now part of Lutz farm
038 lmo 15
  • Beleski farm still in use today
012 lmo 22
  • That's my farm!!!! Have an aerial from 2008. It is so incredibly different. The bank barn burned down before my family bought it.
073 lmo 29
  • Windrim Farm. Built in 1831. 2003 Berks Road. Worcester
046 lmo 35
  • Yes, I have a connection to this farm. This was the Missimer Family Farm. 1889 to 3/1987
027 lmo 20
  • Currently own this farm some buildings are gone but barn and house still standing.
009 lmo 10
  • Farm still there has changed a lot of the trees gone.
006 umo 06
  • This farm is behind Salford Mennonite Church. I believe the farm has connections to the Alderfer family.

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