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  • Gone
  • trees and silos are gone.. I grew up here.
  • The house is gone but the barn is still there. Was my grandparents farm
  • This is a photo of the Allen Family farm house/land. We are the 6th and 7th generation to live there. The silo is gone now, but the barn, though no animals is well maintained.
  • I grew up there. So much has changed. Bug trees gone,barn is in bad shape. No livedtock anymore.
  • I grew up in this house. The trees are all gone now. Also the house has been remodelled. It dose not look anything like this house any more. We lived here for 50 years.
  • Grew up in this house. The hill behind the house has been cleared and storage trailer is gone. The entire property is now visible from the road. Place is still well care for.
  • on the front of the house. This is so neat to see their home from the air. Now they are gone and the original home has been sold and torn down and replaced by a modular home but the garage still exists.
  • of the picture. Long gone now. The fairly open area out behind the sheds is now thick woods. I think the garden along the east property line
  • This is the Johnson farm, since 1909. Where I grew up, and I still live next door. A lot has changed: all the junk cars and trailers are gone as well
  • as some trees - can now see the house; one barn is gone. It is now owned by my nephew, a Johnson, who is making a lot of changes. The pond is still beautiful!

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