Photo 18-DCL-27


My father, Lonnie H Smith, was born on this farm in 1923, in a small log home that belonged to his grandfather, Isaac W Smith, who died there in 1926. It was located near the bottom right corner of this photo in the wooded area. This farm is at the top of Smith ridge, north of Greasy and Sugar Hollow on the Norris lake. My father received this farm from his parents, William G and Cora A Smith. It is a part of a larger farm owned by my gg grandfather, Green B. Smith, a Union Soldier of the Civil war. The picture shows our home and two barns my father built when he was a young man, and the home is where I grew up in the 60's and 70's. All my childhood home memories are centered here in this picture. I hang tobacco in both these barns and tended the tobacco and other crops we raised in the cleared fields. The large barn in the upper right corner is where I would go each day and feed our livestock and all my siblings and cousins would gather there in and around the barn to play in the summer months. The farm is mostly the same today as this picture shows. Neighboring farms have been clear cut since then from the wooded fields we would play in, but most of the wooded hills shown here are still there today. The farm is still owned today by me and my brothers and sisters.

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