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Photo 27-RAD-16

027 rad 16

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Kevin, Monroe's farm out by Callum's and Curriers?

Yes Peter... But now im RE thinking this... it's not Monroe's

No Monroes is #3. this is Roy Shacketts

Think you mean #23 Russell - https://vintageaerial.com/photos/verm...

Sorry,#20 is

hahahahah.... Yes, #20. I tried to say that but added your 3 to it.
Glad we got that sorted out.

Anyone want to guess at #22? Pretty amazing shot with what looks like a mother and a child in the driveway.


Peter, are these pictures your father took when he had a plane?

No Russell, I wish he had! He was too busy counting cows. :)

I just ran across the link on Facebook, and started digging around. I see the whole state isn't covered, just parts of certain counties, and as most of the 1967-era photos are "unlabeled" as they say, I think that this site probably bought up old photo rolls from someone or someplace, and are listing them.

When we were younger, there was a guy that went around taking aerial photo's of Farms. I beleive there are a few at Dad's house, and i figure your father was approached about buying photos of your farm also.

Yes, I showed him these and he mentioned that a fellow came around selling photos. At the time he didn't buy one, but did to track him down years later, but the guy didn't want to try to figure out which photo it was out of the thousands he took.

Just found some of Whiting in roll 11.

Sorry not 11. Roll 23

Yes this is Shacketts farm... and Peter and rusty... was it Bob Dean your thinking of? that took the Pics.. i know he did

I too believe this is the Shackett Farm

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