Photo 5-QCA-14


This white house is the home I grew up in! It was purchased in 1956 by my folks, Looie and Carlene Brill. There were many, many community ball games played in the field across the road from the house. My folks sold this house in 2003 when they purchased my In-Laws home on Chesley Hill Road.
The house on the left was owned by Pete and Lillian Thompson, and the house on the right (unseen here) was owned by Eddie and Ada Sheldon at that time, then by Scott and Dottie Nelson.

Home sweet home. I grew up there along with my two sisters and brother. All of our children went there for visits and sleepovers. This home was filled with love. See the antenna on top of the roof? When we wanted to watch something on channel six dad would climb up on the roof and we would form a line from the front lawn into the living room while he turned the antenna we would relay the message to get it to come in good. We were Sooooo blessed. He would also put a flood light out for us so we could have sliding parties across the street which we all thought that hill was huge. Mom would have home made hot chocolate waiting for us. By home made I mean from nestles quick and powdered milk. It was delicious and heartfelt. 💜

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