Photo 51-DCU-13


We just bought and moved into this house in November 2021! Property is named Airy Green; the main house was built in 1780, on a 1200-acre land grant from King George, and stayed in the Walker family until 1990. House was expanded to add the two end rooms in 1819, and expanded a bit more on the back in the 1900s. The small house to the left was turned into a garage by the owners in the 1990-2020 timeframe, and turned into a dog training classroom in 2021. The building at the rear center of the photo, next to the car, was gone by 2021.

Hi Scott,
Thank you for the great history of the property! Do you have any future plans for the property?

Quite welcome! We plan to live out our lives here with our dogs and horses, and make gradual improvements to the structures and land, including walking trails through the woods.

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