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This is the Greenfield Farm called Macaria. My parents moved here in 1951. They ran it as a dairy farm until 1971. My dad then started raising Flavor Beef which turned into an angus farm. He lived there until 2000. I built a home on the back of the farm and I still live here today at 63yrs.

My husband and I are raising our children here on this beautiful farm. I was so excited to see this vintage photo! I would love to sit down with you, Barbara, and hear stories of your childhood and walk the property with you! Thank you vintage Ariel for posting this amazing photo!

I don't know if you know this, but I drive your children to school and you wave to me on some mornings.

Yes, my kids told me that you told them you used to live here but I didn’t know your name. I just saw your smiling face every day and had the opportunity to wave to you :-) I talked to some people in town and they told me that they knew you and that your name was Barbara. We never got to talk much as I wave to you in the morning :-) stop by anytime! I would love to have a chance to learn more about the property and about you and your family! ❤️

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