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  • The barn is gone, but everything else looks the same.
  • The barn is gone, but everything else looks the same.
  • So much has changed. The buildings is the center (Lexington Motor Sales and the gas station) have been gone a while. CVS and Arbys
  • are in their place.Kroger now occupies the building in the upper left (I think it was Safeway back in 1985.) The two houses in the back of the photo are gone.
  • Hello yes that is my house not too much has changed the trees in the bushes and the yard are mostly gone and there is now a green been beside
  • I live here. It belonged to Herbert H. Wilhelm. There have been many changes. The Barn is gone, the out buildings are all red in color and the fences have been taken down.
  • There are more trees now and some of the buildings are gone. This is on Cold Run Drive.
  • The log house has been renovated. Most of the barns are gone.
  • that are no longer farmed. The old farm house was torn down and some of the outbuildings may be gone. I am so pleased to at least have found this picture.
  • The only changes I notice are that the fence has been rebuilt and the smallest building in back of the house is gone.
  • I grew up here, 508 Ridge Rd. Not much has changed, a few trees are gone.

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