This location is a guess, the roads look right and the house has two garage bays. It may have been remodeled. The train tracks are not there so unless they were built after 1968 its probably not the right spot.

After further research it does look like there should be a railroad if this was the right location.

Building appears to say "Bob Slingerland" over the pedestrian door. A photo in roll 4 shows a sign reading "Grand Mound Gates". I did some research and found a Francis Robert "Bob" Slingerland and Florence Aileen Slingerland that were from the Grand Mound, WA area. I was not able to verify if they once owned a Texaco Station, but nonetheless, after a little browsing, I think I found the correct location of the photo (I'll pin it on the map).

Great Job Amy you found it. Looks like the original Texaco Star is still there. Location verified!

The Texaco in the photo was in Grand Mound Washington. My grandmother Vera Pearl Hoss McLeod had the Texaco built. I was born and raised in the house behind the Texaco. The Texaco and the house I grew up in has been purchased by the Chehalis Tribe and they were both torn down.

Francis Robert Bob Slingerland ran the Texaco for my Grandmother, Vera Pearl Hoss McLeod.

I failed to note that Francis Robert Bob Slingerland was my father.

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