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  • My Mom and Dad home where 11 kids were raised. Oh the love and memories we had there. Can’t go back in time but still can with me mind.
  • OH. Mommy's and Daddy's house. So many memories.
  • Thus is the house I grew up in ! Wonderful memories!
  • This is my great grandmother Minnie Lucas’s home place! So many great memories there!!
  • Branchland United Baptist church I spent many hour there, great memories
  • This house has so many memories and i still go to this house, i grew up here with many other cousins.. my grandparents house.. the house that built me..
  • I grew up in this home until I was 15. Great memories!
  • Yes I grew up here the wade farm I have a lot of good memories here
  • My grandmother's house (who has passed since this picture was taken). Her name was Dorothy Wilkerson. Spent many nights and have wonderful memories of that house.
  • The house my Mom, Shirley Frye Clay grew up in with parents, Les & Opal Frye. So many precious memories here <3
  • I grew up in this house, but it burned in 1988. My parents rebuilt on this land and my dad still lives in the rebuilt house. This brings back so many wonderful memories. Thank you for that!
  • This was my mamaw, Audra Midkiff’s store! I grew up here! So many precious memories made there!!!

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