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045 dty 13

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The two large buildings to the left are Sistersville High School, Sistersville, WV. The solid color area at the top of the photo is the Ohio River, and is to the West. At one time, the two buildings were the High School and the Junior High School; I can't remember when the buildings converged to both being the High School. At some point, the time of which I can't remember, the two buildings were physically joined with a covered walkway between them.

East of the river, and obviously East of the tree line, is the foot ball field to the South, and the practice field to the North.

The main building to the South housed the basket ball court and the theatre. The tall, squareish protruberance on the West side of this building was used to house the massive curtains for the stage.

Yes. I went to school there.

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