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  • Joe Hund helped him with farm work barn is gone trees are gone basically on thing left is the house and hog barn
  • The farm I grew up on, although I was now graduated from college and gone on my own.
  • Grandparent's farm. Lots of wonderful memories when I saw this pic! It has ALL changed... almost everything is gone now except the barn. It's like a walk back through time! Very neat to see this picture!
  • We moved on this farm on June 1, 1969. We still live on the farm, but the farm buildings are gone now. We had to give up farming when Larry began having health problems in 1991.
  • was my sister, and my playhouse-love,love! That is gone also. Thank you for such wonderful memories, my Dad has been gone since 1989. So thanks again.
  • and corn cribs are all gone. The barn did not burn down, it was deteriorating to the point that it was torn down.
  • My parents, Milfred and Velva Molland, owned this farm at one time. They bought it from Velva's parents, Jake and Irene Grass. My brother and I grew up on this farm. The corn crib, grainery, and the upper barn are gone now.
  • thousands. The house is practically gone, and new calf barn was added about 10 years ago.
  • This is my grandpa's farm. A lot has changed since this picture has been taken. The house and barn has been replaced. Also gone is the double car
  • is the center tall portion of the building in the foreground(all the additions to it are gone. the only other building left is a small shed next to the old house thats obscured by the big cottonwood. it looks a lot different now.

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