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Spent lots of time here. This is where my Mom grew up and we visited Grandma and John Sawczuk on many occasions. The hayloft was where most games were played. There were many hiding places.

this is awesome my mother grow up on this farm. We spent alot of time here playing with our cousins. My uncle John Sawczuk and Grandmother lived here for many years.

This has been our family farm for 25 years coming up on July 4. My father bought this farm from John Sawczuk in 1987. I moved here in 1991after graduation. Then bought the farm from Larry Paskert in 1994. I began helping Johnny in the summer baling hay when I was 12. My four kids don't believe that we piled hay all the way to the roof. My wife and I built a new house in 2001. The old house was tore down the summer of 2003. This summer we would like to fix the barn up. My daughter wants her graduation party in the hay mow.

We fixed the barn! We had our first party in the hay mow. My second daughters graduation. The barn really turned out nice. You should see it now.

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