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  • This is my home farm. The big willow is gone and the house has been remodeled and added onto
  • The home farm where I grew up. Lots of things have changed. The 18-151 4 lane highway now cuts through just north of the buildings. Some of the buildings are now gone.
  • Here's our place! One silo is now gone, summer kitchen replaced with an addition, corn crib gone and a new shed there. The shed in the upper left fell down. We've added some buildings but it looks pretty similar to today.
  • This farm belonged to Curtis and Willetta Kahl. The harvesters are all all gone now and the silo too. The barn and adjoining buildings on the left
  • are also gone and have been replaced with pole barn type buildings. There are no longer any animals/live stock on this property. The house
  • Thanks for the geotag looks like this property has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Did you have a connection to this property?
  • 639 S.8th Street, Mt.Hoerb,WI. Ricks Auto Body Shop picture, all buildings are now gone. Property is now the New Hope Evangelical Free Church.
  • Different angle but much has changed. House is still standing but many of the buildings are gone and additional buildings are there now.
  • The house and the shed directly behind it are gone. The barn, silo and small sheds are still there. There was a mobile home on this site in the 1970s. The original house was gone before then.
  • This is Halfway Prairie School House. At the intersection of F and 19. It is a one room school house. I have some family that has gone to this school before it closed down.
  • The opposite view of the Duane and Shirley Miller farm. The Miller's were our 4-h club leaders. The farm is long gone now. Replaced by a sub division.

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