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  • The trees are gone,and most of the building
  • the trees are gone the sheds are gone, the pig yard and barn is gone, there is now a porch on the house which was not there.
  • Red School is gone!Can not see it?
  • every thing west ot the barn and the pole shed is gone.little silo is gone
  • This was my grandparent's' farm. Unfortunately, all of these original buildings are gone, along with the trees. The new owners house young stock there in a newer freestyle barn.
  • Gerry Bush lives here now, used to belong to Mattson's. house is gone and a free stall and machine shed has been built.
  • My dad,Francis Michels bought this farm in 1947 and farmed there until 1978. The harm is now gone.
  • This is our Family farm My Father was born in that house, My uncle Clifford Johnson now own the farm, the corn crib is gone and the house and log
  • house are gone and a new house is where the cloths line is, their is a big garage over by the round top shop that was Grandpa Shop, the barn is the same.
  • Many buildings removed and most of the trees around the house are gone
  • john wyss farm aka silo john cement silos are gone now owned by sam an billy mcnulty
  • This was my Aunt and Uncles farm. It became my home in 1982. The barn and house are gone. We built a new house in 1992.

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