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  • This was the grocery store I grew up in. My mom and dad owned this grocery store. What great memories.....
  • This is where I grew up! So many fond memories!
  • Every 4th of july big picnic and fireworks there just was 1/4 mile down the road great memories
  • This is the farm my Dad was born and passed on, Our Ma still lives here. A lot of good memories. Been in our family since 1927
  • This is my family's farm. My dad grew up there still owned by my aunt and uncle (Don and Renee Urban). A lot of great memories there.
  • I have great memories of that farm, it's where my Mom was raised, and I spent many happy times there with my Grandpa & Granndma Clark. There were more buildings there when I was younger though.
  • This was our neighbors farm, Only a memory now, all the buildings were tore down a few years back.
  • I grew up on this farm. It was my grandparent's farm! Many GREAT memories here!
  • that lead back to the field where we used to play near the Indian Mound. Oh do I miss this place! Such great memories. Nothing beats growing up on a farm.

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