Photo 6-JMAN-14


Downtown Rosecrans

This is Menchalville. These are the four bars that where in the town. There is only one surviving bar left. Its now called the Iron Buffalo. It would be the building in the lower left corner. The bar in lower right was Reindles supper club which is closed. The bar in upper right was called the Hitching Post and is also closed. The bar in upper left was called Antionsons place or something like that. Also closed

Jerry this is Rosecrans my dad grew up on the same block as the bar in this picture (the center building) the right building is the old cheese factory. it is close to menchalville but the old dance hall now owned by Bruce stetson is not in this pic

Menchalville is Photo 11-JMAN-27

The bar on the far corner is called the Blast Off in this photo.

bar on left is Joes Lucky 13 large building is town shop i lived in Rosecrans

The bar on the left, Joe's Lucky 13, burned down in 1992. The bar on the right, the Lucky Lady, is still operating.

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