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  • Amoco Gas Station
  • Midland gas station.
  • Nennig's Tavern and Gas Station...on XX and Westview St...Cleveland Auto in the lower front corner of picture...Cleveland WI.
  • This is the farm my father grew up on. All that remains today is the silo. There is a gas station there now.
  • Barn appears to say "Leonard Schuh & Sons", however I am unsure on the last name. This farm was located where the Francis Creek Travel Plaza (gas station & Subway) is now located.
  • This farm is just east of Maribel on the north side of Hwy Z I-4s is now just to the east of this property and the gas station /' struck stop is slightly east across the road
  • Was a Midland gas station at the time of the photo. Now is the Branch location of the Country Visions Co-op Cenex Stores.
  • too. Also near that corner, across from the river on Fremont street was a gas station, now a bank.

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