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  • So many fond memories , with gramma and grandpa.
  • We lived here between 1978-1987. Wonderful childhood memories!
  • This was my grandparents, Eugeneand Bernice Fischer's, farm. Later, my family moved into the farm house. LOTS of memories!!
  • Willis and Delores Voss’s farm. Many happy memories here!
  • My grandparents were owners Esther and Leonard Meyer. My parents were married and had their reception in the hall across the road. Wonderful memories!
  • My husband was the oldest of the ten children raised on this farm. I fell in love with this place after we married and I started visiting here. Great photo and wonderful memories!
  • Tina, who owned it when you had so many memories from the farm?
  • Pat, we have so many memories from the farm.. Of course Some, well you know how they turned out😂
  • My parent’s Milton and Sylvia Scwalbe’s farm, Twin Elm Farm. I have a wonderful memories of growing up and helping with all the chores.
  • Schisel's Lake originated with Ferdinand Schisel and later his son Orie Schisel. Many Schisel Family memories and several generations from the early 1900's until present day time.
  • This is grandparents's farm. I have so so so so many memories here as a child.

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