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I grew up and lived here in the 60s thru the 80s. The original cheese factory (center) was built in the 30s, I believe, and the newest sction to it's right was constructed in the early 70s. In current day, all that remains on this property is the house and newer portion of the factory. At one point early on, I believe my great grandfather, Albert Radtke owned it. The cheese factory ceased production in the very early 2000s and is currently the home to a small business manufacturing cabinetry. The Lindbergh school house in the upper left, was originally about 3/4 mile north, and was torn down and rebuilt in it's current location. The lower left is the corner of a tavern that was also located to the north about 1 mile and moved to it's current location. To the lower right is my family home farm which is still in operation. This is the intersection of March Rapids Ave and Hwy P

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