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  • I grew up here. The barn is gone now.
  • everything has changed buildings gone silos gone new house next door that i live in.
  • This is the Roland and Cecilia Genke Farm. Silos, barn and she'd all gone now.
  • I was born in this house in 1985. All of those buildings are gone now except for the house.
  • The garage in the lower left is gone. Actually the rest is the same from what I can see.
  • I grew up here. The two little silos are gone, as is the free stall barn (which isn't very noticeable in the picture). The corn crib is also gone
  • Little shed is gone and another garage was built by house. House was remodeled and bought by the Amish recently
  • This was Aubrey and Marge Stoehr's place in 1978. The shed by the road is gone and the barn burned down. Silo was taken down.
  • Grew up here but the house is now gone ,land is still owned by the same family
  • I lived here when I was in grade school ..buildings are now all gone..new ones took their place

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