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  • St. Paul's United Church of Christ. Cemetery purchased Jun 24, 1858 by trustees Johann Hendschel (Henschel), John Schwalenberg and Valentine Conrad
  • . Johann Hendschel is my wife's 4X GG father and my wife is blood related to more than half the folks in this cemetery. The Church Book covers 1865
  • -1937. I have posted the Church Book and the Centennial Book on Ancestry. That's County Hwy J running left to right and Sexton Road running top
  • church
  • church
  • church
  • church
  • This is the Himgham Reformed Church, of Hingham Wisconsin. I have been a member of this church family since before this building went up. 70 years
  • this year as a matter of fact. This building was built in 1963. Before this we had a wood structure for our church.
  • This is the church in Waldo, WI located on the corner of Cty. Rd. V & 57. It is now Lentz Used Car dealership.
  • This house belongs to St. John Lutheran Church Sherman Center
  • Harold and Helen Wendorf lived here. Their house was gorgeous! They had many horses. They belonged to my church in Glenbeulah.
  • This is where Alfred and Lila Christensen lived with there many children. Many whom I've known for a long time. They all went to the Lutheran Church in Glenbeulah when they were growing up. This house used to be a school.

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