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Farmed by Mereness, Longmore, Beach/Thorson, Carlsen, and Yakes families.
Ben and Shirley Carlsen farmed here 1958-1984.

Fascinating... As of 2004 when I moved here, not a shred of this farm is standing. Only the town hall in the back (top of picture) remains. I love seeing the full hay wagons in the driveway!

The house on the left in this photo was moved to the south east corner of Town Hall Road and Country View Drive.

Now i gotta go look for it... I drive past there daily.

By the way, this was known as Lake View Farm. The Longmore family gave portions of the original farm to family members. Daughter Grace Longmore married George Proctor 2 parcels. One was on the corner of Hwy 50 and Town Hall road, where they had a small store and gas station. The other parcel is just down CT F, from the corner of 50, first house on the right. The farm encompasses land from South Shore Drive, both sides of Hwy 50, for about 1/2 mile, about 160 acres.

In the 1964 set, this farm in roll 32, photos 15 & 16.
The small building on lower left is the original milk house. One of the barns was moved about 1968 to nearer the main milking barn. Hwy 50 was raised about 1960, and the maple trees planted along the highway. It was at this time an underpass was made under the highway for cattle to go to pasture on the south side of Hwy 50. There was a pear tree near the garage, about the center of this picture.

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