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  • Farm can also be seen in photos 16 & 17 of roll 22 from 1979.
  • I grew up on this farm, and it was wonderful.
  • Voss farm on the corner of Six Corners Rd and 67
  • Farm can also be seen in photo 24 of this roll and photo 17 roll 19 from 1979.
  • Henry Schmidt farm
  • Farm can also be seen in photo 13 of roll 29 from 1979.
  • Rodney Featherstone farm on Willow Bend
  • Farm can also be seen in photo 8 of roll 21 from 1979.
  • Featherstone farm on 14
  • Part of Simons Seed Farm, work three summer on
  • Laurence York farm. Now owned by Tom York. 250 cow robot farm on Mohawk Rd.
  • Shed in driveway between house and barn says "Spring Dale Farm".

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