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  • Farm can also be seen in photo 33 of roll 21 from 1979.
  • Ludtke Farm, Bowers Rd, Lafayette township.
  • Farm can also be seen in photo 7 of roll 21 from 1979.
  • wiswell farm in spring prarie
  • Farmed by Mereness, Longmore, Beach/Thorson, Carlsen, and Yakes families. Ben and Shirley Carlsen farmed here 1958-1984.
  • Fascinating... As of 2004 when I moved here, not a shred of this farm is standing. Only the town hall in the back (top of picture) remains. I love seeing the full hay wagons in the driveway!
  • By the way, this was known as Lake View Farm. The Longmore family gave portions of the original farm to family members. Daughter Grace Longmore
  • My family farm. Morgan brothers
  • Another view of the Jim Manus Farm in East Troy, Wisconsin
  • Farm can also be seen in photo 29 of roll 22 from 1979.
  • Ainger farm on Stateline rd Harvard IL
  • Jacques Farm, Bowers Rd, Geneva Township

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