Photo 40-PWAU-7


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We would be interested to know what coordinates this photo was taken? it appears to be the location of land we purchased, however the buildings are no longer there. If it was taken on the Flight Path right above Brainard Bride, this would be it.

Hi Fred, I'm not that familiar with Waupaca County, but based on locations that others have provided for photos in this roll, I believe this property is located on the south side of Gjertson Road, just east of Hwy 49, north of Scandinavia. I've pinned the spot on the map, it appears that the buildings are still there in the most recent satellite image. Looking through some of the rolls of film for this area, I think that this roll (40) and roll 35 are mixed up, so the flight path shown for this roll is actually for the photos from 35 and vice versa. I've pinned some of the locations for that roll, which I think are near the location you are referring to.

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